Special Offer for My Readers Who Enjoy DIY Indie Music

I really appreciate all of you who take the time to read what I write here. Writing is my passion. I write a lot of things outside of my work here at Inside Education. I’ve written a historical novel which was published by the Indiana Historical Society Press in 2015. The book is called The Carter Journals: Time Travels in Early U.S. History. This book is used as supplemental curriculum in many schools around the region. You can check it out here if you’re interested. I also write short stories and poetry. About 3 years ago, I began to write lyrics, which quickly turned into acquiring some equipment so that I could have a little home recording studio to produce my own songs. That little hobby has become a big part of what I do as a creative outlet. Since I started this, I’ve written about 350 songs. I’ve shared them on some different platforms and quite a few people seem to like them.

I would describe my songwriting as a lot of acoustic-based folksy Americana story song stuff in the singer/songwriter genre. I’ve also done quite a bit of more of a pop-y/rock type thing and some stuff more closely related to country. Lyrics are my comfort zone, but I’ve gotten better with time in the production of the music itself.

Some people have asked me if I could make some of my music available for people to have for themselves. So…I’m giving that a shot.

I have handpicked 62 of what I consider to be my best songs and put them on thumb drives that can be played in your cars or computers or anything that has a USB port. They are a little bit of everything I described above. That’s over 3 hours of music.

I’m not in this as a business, it’s a hobby. But I have made some investments in this and selling some of these would help to cover those costs. So that you can hear a few samples of what is on this collection, I will provide some links to lyric videos below. Each of these videos contains a song that is in the collection of 62.

Please note: All songs are original, written by me. Also, the sound quality will be much better on the thumb drives than in these video samples.

Travelin’ Soldier

Belinda Walking

Hello September

Set Me Free (Ballad of Marie Ramirez)

Dark Passenger

Extraordinary Love

Two Leaves

So there is a sampling. If you like any of that and would like more of it, I have a very limited amount (at the moment) that I would love to send your way. As I said, this isn’t a business venture, so I’m not looking to charge you much. My suggested donation would be $20 (that’s less than 33 cents per song). But I am going to allow you to choose what you want to pay. I have set up the PayPal donation box below with the price of $5. So to pay $20, click the the box to change the number to 4 , which would total $20. If you’d like to donate more than $20, God bless you, you have that option too. Just click to a number higher than 4. I’ll get these sent out to you as soon as I can. As I said, there’s a very limited number available right now. If there is a need, I can produce more of them.


Special Offer, Buy 62 Songs by Shane Phipps

This product is a USB thumb drive which contains 62 original songs by Shane Phipps. Pay what you can increments of $5.00. Suggested donation is $20.00 (33 cents per song)


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